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Multi Hub

ArcDock Pro 6-in-1 | PD2302

$ 139.99

Spigen ArcDock Pro Multi Hub 6-in-1 is a tool to expand performance with slim designs. It is compatible with USB 4 / Thunderbolt 4 and supports HDMI 8K@60Hz. Spigen ArcDock Pro Multi Hub can transfer files with a 10Gbps and support 2.5Gbps ethernet.





Colors Space Gray
  • Dimension
    1.20 x 5.59 x 0.70 inches
  • Package Weight
    5.1 oz
  • Universal - Compatibility with majority of laptop devices

  • Input
    100W USB
    • All-in-One Connectivity: Offer a comprehensive solution with a 100W USB-C Power Delivery input port, USB-C data port, 2 USB-A data ports, 1 8K@60Hz HDMI port, Ethernet port(2.5Gbps).
    • Ultra HD Visuals: Enjoy stunning 8K@60Hz resolution visuals for gaming, streaming, or professional work by connecting your laptop or device to a compatible display via HDMI.
    • Fast and Reliable Internet: Stay connected with the high-speed Ethernet port (2.5Gbps) for stable and speedy internet connection, ideal for online gaming, streaming, or downloading large files.
    • Seamless Data Transfer: Transfer files and sync devices such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, and more effortlessly with the USB-C data port and 2 USB-A data ports.