We Got You 2020 – Spigen Inc
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Hello, world!
2020 was crazy 2020 was crazy

2020 was crazy.

The world shut down, masks enforced, trips cancelled. However, we knew there was only one way to go. And that was forward.

Like you, it was a challenging year.

Our traditional workflow was no longer effective, forcing us to adopt new habits and readjust.

“You’re muted”

Virtual meetings were a mess. But as time passed we set some guidelines and were back in business.

Different protocols

Our homes became our studios and transferring files, content and designs slowed our development process.

Shipping delays

One of the biggest challenge was getting all the orders in time for our fans and consumers.

Venturing into new territories.

We couldn’t travel in 2020, but the pandemic pushed us to journey into new categories of products.

Mask on

Our product development didn’t stop. Instead, we pivoted from our cases to protect our fans and ourselves.

The result

Our solution was a product refined in both style and its functionality to be breathable and stylish.

"Does it fold?”

Yes, smooth like butter. The first folding case that covers the hinge as well as the body. Learn more

Adapting to the
new norm.

Like many of you, we had to adapt. But on a global scale of over 500 employees.

Wait… what?”

From setting up VPN to any technical difficulties, all of us became a little more proficient with our WFH setup.

Holding hands

Reaching out and giving a helpful hand to the locals around us.

Learn more

We made it.

2020 marked a year we were forever changed. But all we need to remember is that we were not alone - we were in this together. You got us, and we still got you.

What do you think?

What would you like to see going forward?