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Tough Armor Tough Armor

10 years of
Tough Armor

The icon that broke the barriers of bulk,
once and for all.

Loved by the

Tough Armor became a signature thanks, to not
only its design, but also its community.

Slim since
Day One.

Birthed from the idea that protective didn't have
to mean thick.

Quote Mark

"If you suck at holding things, there's
the Tough Armor Series."


Locked and loaded.

Packed with the latest impact absorption
technology to handle drops in style.

Dissipated shock with every layer of
Extreme Impact Foam.

Added shock absorbing properties with a flexible
layer embedded with Air Cushion TechnologyTM.

The result - an extremely fortified yet
slim for everyday daily grind.

Quote Mark

Spigen knows tough, and the Tough Armor
is one of the toughest in its arsenal.

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Tough Armor

Meet the
whole crew.

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