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TS35 Car Mount

TS35 is the complete solution for everything you need in a car mount. Featuring the innovative one-touch technology, the TS35 instantly locks your phone in place with a single tap. The suction cup is lined with a reusable gel pad that provides the versatility to anchor the mount on a dashboard or windshield of your choice. Designed with a bulk-free profile and a carbon fiber finish, the TS35 provides a clear view of the road while adding flair to your car. Make it simple and easy to interact with your phone with the TS35.


SKU: 000CG20917

BARCODE: 8809466649820

$ 34.99


Package Weight

7.5 oz



Most Car Dashboards

● One-touch technology conveniently locks your phone in place

● Suction cup with integrated adhesive gel pad provides versatile, secure lock

● Mount arm finished with carbon fiber to add style to your vehicle

● Compatible with phones up to 3.5in in width

● Low-profile design provides minimal obstruction in view

TS35 Car Mount has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 6 reviews.

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