DJI Osmo Pocket Screen Protector GLAS.tR SLIM [2 Pack]

The GLAS.tR Slim™ is the ultimate solution for screen defense with case compatibility. Its tempered glass features 9H hardness to handle everyday scratches. Its oleophobic coating ensures the surface to remain fingerprint-free, touch-responsive and clear just as its original screen. Shield the screen with GLAS.tR Slim™.

** Notice: For perfect alignment, install the glass with the screen on.

SKU: S45GL26141

BARCODE: 8809640255403

$ 29.99

Glas.tR SLIM


2.9 x 4.1 x 0.5 inches

Package Weight

1.9 ounces

Tempered Glass

9H Hardness Tempered Glass


Osmo Pocket

● Tempered glass protector for the DJI Osmo Pocket

● Case-friendly cutout stays compatible with all Spigen cases

● Comes with easy installation wings to make application effortless

● Package includes one Glas.tR, dust stickers, cleaning wipes and cloth

● 9H defense with oleophobic coating to combat scratches and fingerprints

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