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USB-C Wall Charger

ArcStation™ Pro GaN Dual Port | 65W

$ 74.99

ArcStation Pro GaN 652 Dual Port is designed with 3D PCB Technology that gives you more power in a compact size. Also, it is engineered with GaN technology that allows the charger to operate with higher efficiency and generate less heat than your standard wall charger. Lastly, the Spigen Intelligent Power Diffusion technology will help you to charge two devices at the same time effectively. ArcStation Pro GaN 652 Dual Port will save your space and time.





Colors White
  • Dimension
    1.59 x 1.49 x 1.87 inches
  • Product Weight
  • Package Weight
  • Polycarbonate
  • Universal - Compatibility with majority of mobile devices

  • Output: 65W
    • 3D PCB Technology: Reduces the size of the transformer by using a high frequency controller and increases the energy density and consequently reduces the volume.
    • Power Quality Technology: GaN minimizes ripple noise and provide stable maximum current which enables longer lifespan of both charger and device.
    • QuantumBoost: Automatically detects devices & provides optimized maximum power.
    • Intelligent Power Diffusion (IPD): Able to charge iPhone and AirPods simultaneously.
    • Intelligent Safety (Overheat Protection): Protects all safety issues from using a charger. With Spigen GaN, it is 50℉(10℃) cooler.