Glass Replacement Policy

Replacing your GLAS.t screen protector just got easier!
Whether you’ve suffered an application error, scratched the surface, or cracked it while saving your phone, we’ve got you covered! We’re now offering low cost replacements on glass screen protectors no matter what the reason for one full year. Simply return your old glass screen protector with the RMA form below and take advantage of our low cost replacements. Returned packages must be time stamped within 1 year of the purchase date to qualify for the low cost replacement discount code. More replacement requirement information is on the RMA form below.

Galaxy S7

  • 12.49 off for Galaxy S7 GLAS.tR SLIM HD Screen Protector - 555GL20198

iPhone 6s / iPhone 6s Plus

  • $12.49 off for iPhone 6s GLAS.tR SLIM Screen Protector - SGP11588
  • $17.49 off for iPhone 6s Full Cover Glass Screen Protector - SGP11589, SGP11590
  • $14.99 off for iPhone 6s Plus GLAS.tR SLIM Screen Protector  - SGP11634
  • $17.49 off for iPhone 6s Plus Full Cover Glass Screen Protector - SGP11636, SGP11635

iPhone 5S/5/5C

  • $6.50 off for iPhone 5/5/5C GLAS.tR SLIM Screen Protector - SGP10111

iPad Mini 4

  • $17.49 off for iPad Mini 4 GLAS.tR SLIM Screen Protector - SGP11801

Gear 2

  • $7.49 off for Gear S2 GLAS.tR SLIM Screen Protector - SGP11800

iPad Pro

  • $19.99 off for iPad Pro GLAS.tR SLIM Screen Protector - SGP11802

Google Pixel

  • $17.49 off for Pixel Full Cover Screen Protector - F14GL21062, F14GL21061
  • $12.49 off for Pixel GLAS.tR SLIM HD Screen Protector - F14GL20888
  • $17.49 off for Pixel XL Full Cover Screen Protector  - F15GL21064, F15GL21063
  • $12.49 off for Pixel XL GLAS.tR SLIM HD Screen Protector - F15GL20902


  • $14.99 off for LG G6 GLAS.tR SLIM HD Screen Protector - A21GL21227

LG V10

  • $12.49 off for LG V10 GLAS.tR SLIM Screen Protector - SGP11791


  • $17.49 off for LG G3 GLAS.tR SLIM Screen Protector - SGP11075

Nexus 5X

  • $12.49 off for Nexus 5X GLAS.tR SLIM Screen Protector - SGP11815

Nexus 6P

  • $14.99 off for Nexus 6P GLAS.tR SLIM Screen Protector - SGP11795

OnePlus 2

  • $14.99 off for OnePlus 2 GLAS.tR SLIM Screen Protector - SGP11812

LG G Pro 2

  • $20.00 off for LG G Pro 2 GLAS.tR NANO SLIM Screen Protector - SGP10721

Sony Xperia Z5

  • $12.49 off for Sony Xperia Z5 GLAS.tR SLIM Screen Protector - SGP11777

Sony Xperia Z3

  • 51.4% off for Sony Xperia Z3 GLAS.tR SLIM Screen Protector - SGP11250

HTC One M9

  • $16.99 off for HTC One M9 GLAS.tR SLIM Screen Protector - SGP11507


Glas Replacement Program Effective: January 2014


*Shipping is included and covered ONLY with domestic USPS First Class Mail. All other methods are not covered.

**All promotions and programs are subject to change without prior notice. Program Offers are available until supplies last.

**Cannot be combined with any other offers or promotional codes.



Click here to complete the RMA form. Please print and include the RMA form with your return package containing your glass screen protector.