Super5tar™ Review Program

We are gathering Spigen fans to be part of a movement.
Join the team now become a SUPER5TAR reviewer.
Happy reviewing!


Click on the product(s) and fill out the form. You will receive an email if approved.


If approved, follow email instructions on how to redeem your product and how to leave a review.

What is this program?
Your review and star rating helps others make smart purchasing decisions! Choose which product you want to review. If your application is approved and you redeem your chosen product, we ask that you write an honest review on Amazon based on your experience with the product.

How does it work?
SUPER5TAR reviewers will be approved based on the number of Amazon reviews written, how recently the Amazon account was created, compliance with the Terms and Conditions, validity of email, and country of residence. Once the free* product is received, a review must be posted on Amazon within 5 days of the product’s receipt. Products available for review will rotate periodically. Limit one application per product per customer. Certain products might require a small product fee or small shipping charge.





* Some products might require a small fee