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iPhone 5C Case Neo Hybrid

iPhone 5C Case Neo Hybrid

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Product Review (submitted on February 14, 2014):

Needed to upgrade from my well loved iPhone 4 as part of a service switch. I couldn't see spending the extra $$ for the 5s but hated the toy-like look of the 5c plastic back colors. I'd used a cheap rubber bumper case before but it interfered with my exercise armband and was a pain at times removing the phone from my pants pocket. I'd also tried some of the more popular hard shell cases with the iPhone4 and just hated the way they bulked up and hid the otherwise elegant & comfortable to handle phone so the search was on for something attractive, thin & comfortable to grab & hold without a lot of effort to get out of a deep or tight pocket. I debated between this and the Tough Armor model but I really wanted to limit the bulk.
The Neo Hybrid is the one for me. I paired the Metal Slate color with my white iPhone 5c and it's simply gorgeous. As others have noted, the ringer switch is somewhat off center but I suspect that is not a design flaw, but actually has to do with human factor and molding necessity forced by Apple's location of the switch just a tad too close to the volume buttons to permit it to center while still being large enough for a finger tip to get to the switch. All of the other openings and switches align and operate well and have a really good feel . I do expect many of the over-sized aftermarket accessories that are intended to mate with the Lightning connector will have issues just like they would with any case. Standard sized lightning connectors have no issues and both of my usual wired headsets connected with the speaker jack without any issues.
Bottom line - The Neo Hybrid improves the feel of the device in my hand, is easy to handle and just brings my 5C up to the level of appearance and feel that otherwise can only be had on the the 4S with its puny 8GB memory limit or the 5S with its steeper price tag. I dropped a star only because it is a bit pricey but it is competitive with some other premium cases out there while meeting my desires and needs much better. If I could I'd have only dropped a half star on value.

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