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iPhone 5S / 5 Screen and Body Protector Set Steinheil EX Ultra Crystal Mix

iPhone 5S / 5 Screen and Body Protector Set Steinheil EX Ultra Crystal Mix

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Product Review (submitted on November 8, 2012):

The Good Stuff: Others who have complained about the 3-piece back cover are crazy. I initially had 1-piece back cover on my iPhone 5 and it looked awful. There was a hideous "air gap" between the changes in surface. The Spigen design overcomes this and looks wonderful. I also really like the fact that the center back piece has a matte finish and the two smaller end pieces are glossy- just like the actual iPhone. Regarding the front cover, it's completely optically clear. The coverage for both front and back is superb; Spigen has cut the pieces perfectly. I also like the fact this kit has side coverage as well. It even is slightly "grippy" to prevent you from dropping the phone. A huge plus is that everything goes on dry; there is no wet application like the Zagg kits.

The Bad Stuff: I wish the side pieces had a matte finish. They are shiny, which does not match the actual surface of the iPhone. However, the biggest flaw with this kit is its lack of durability. I absolutely baby my phone . . . like, I'm OCD about making sure it's always sparkly clean and never gets a scratch. I may actually need therapy for this at some point. After having this kit on for two weeks, I already have several significant scratches on the back cover. Thus, I sincerely question the longevity of this product, as I think it clearly is not has "tough" as Spigen would lead one to believe. I've had Zagg products in the past and can attest that they're nearly impossible to scratch. This Spigen product scratches incredibly easily, which I'm very disappointed about.

Overall, I really like the design, fit and finish of the kit, but the lack of durability may drive me to try a competitor's product next time around.

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