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iPhone 5S / 5 Screen and Body Protector Set Steinheil EX Ultra Crystal Mix

iPhone 5S / 5 Screen and Body Protector Set Steinheil EX Ultra Crystal Mix

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Product Review (submitted on November 7, 2012):

so i bought this kit and i got it in the mail today. took me awhile to put it on because i wanted it to be perfect! the precision that this screen protector is cut to is just amazing. it covers every millimeter of your screen, front and back. the 3 piece design for the back is good as well because if it were just one solid back piece, there would be two air gaps where the glass meets the aluminum. and who wants air gaps? not this guy. the dust removers that comes included in it works like a charm!. got out every piece of dust. the difficulty of putting this kit on your phone is not too bad... took me about 15 minutes, but then again im OCD about it being perfectly aligned with absolutely no bubbles or dust particles. the feel of the screen/back protector makes it feel like theres nothing there. the matte finish back feels like as if there was no cover. and the front its slick. and one last thing... im also using this WITH the otter box defender because ive noticed that the otter box isnt really that good at keeping the dust out and didnt want my phone to get messed up with all the foreign objects entering inside the case. and i can tell you that it works just fine. it actually helps with the "rainbow" effect from the screen shield that comes on the otterbox. and i didnt install the side pieces though. just didnt feel like it was necessary. over all i give this products 5 stars and then some. best screen protector there is. hopefully itll work with the lifeproof case thats on its way.

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