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iPhone 5S / 5C / 5 Screen Protector GLAS.tR NANO SLIM

iPhone 5S / 5C / 5 Screen Protector GLAS.tR NANO SLIM

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Product Review (submitted on February 4, 2014):

Took two weeks from LA to Norway, and unfortunately I had to pay toll and customs fee. Got expensive.. be sure to have the value marked down.

The first glass I installed got a tiny crack on the edge when I tried to squeeze out an air bubble. Customer care sent me a new one right away, all the way to Norway. The only obligation I had was to destroy the old one, and e-mail a photo of it.

A bit tricky to get the screen dust-free. A tip is to install it in the bathroom after a shower, as the moist air makes the dust settle. Also a few bits of adhesive tape (may) make the positioning of the glass easier. Pressurized air on a bottle to blow the dust off is also a tip.

Recommended product!

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