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iPhone 5S / 5 Case Ultra Thin Air

iPhone 5S / 5 Case Ultra Thin Air

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Product Review (submitted on March 6, 2013):

I bought this case a while back, an albeit I like the case I always find myself shopping around for something other. The case feels really cheap, but I guess that's the downside to it being so thin. I put the case on, and the right side of the phone (as you're looking at it) doesn't fully snap into place. It'll fit, and then snap out of place. I find myself pressing on that corner more often than I'd like. The slot for the volume button actually touch my buttons, seems like the cut/slot is off just by a tiny bit, maybe this is the reason the right upper hand corner doesn't fully snap into place. Last but not least, this case traps moisture. Once in a while you can see moisture between the phone and the case. This worries me a bit because it can actually damage the phone. For USD $24.99, the quality of this case should be better. Like with anything else, only the cons are listed. The obvious pro being the slimness and it maintains the iphones looks.

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