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iPhone 5S / 5 Case Neo Hybrid EX Slim Metal

iPhone 5S / 5 Case Neo Hybrid EX Slim Metal

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Product Review (submitted on September 15, 2013):

This case is great for those who want something slim and doesn't hide the beauty of their iphone 5. The one thing I like about this bumper type versus some of the other bumper is there is a rubber piece in the inside to help it from getting scratch, flaw in this? there is a little room of movement on the side (just a little). Other great thing about this case is that it comes with the jelly buttons and both front/back screen protector that are not the cheaply made ones. The screen protector is very transparent and good looking. The only thing I don't like about this case is that the trim is actually plastic and is called "metal" by color only. I think I actually like the regular Neo Hybrid EX slim better as it has a better rubbery plastic side that doesn't scratch as easily or at all where as this one seems to be easier to scratch. I haven't scratched mine yet, but I haven't own them that long and have own the original non metal type. Overall, I have very happy with the case and would buy it over and over again. I will buy this case most likely for next iphone...unless spigen comes with another case that I think might be better.

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