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iPhone 5S / 5 Case Tough Armor

iPhone 5S / 5 Case Tough Armor

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Product Review (submitted on January 31, 2014):

I've had otter box after otter box for my iPhones and nothing feels as great as this case does, I just received mine in the mail today and took off the otter box which had been broken again, already! I was tired of a case that was suppose to be sooo great that ended up breaking all the time. I wanted something new and with my iphone 5s I decided to try this case. I love the feel of having this in my hand! It's so light and smooth and looks great too! I love the square big botton look and I love how easy they are to push. I no longer have to jam down on my power button to turn it on instead I lightly tap it! Seriously it's that great! I can turn my iphone on by dropping a feather on it. This case deffinety blows any case I've had out of the water with it's great look amazing feel and wonderful design. I recommend this case to anyone who wants to have something as close as possible to the real size of an iPhone, keep the look and color of their iphone and protect their phone at the same time! The only disclaimer I have is that the back can get scratched easily but it seems sturdy and it's better then scratching your beautiful iphone! Get this Case! I'm loving mine!

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