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iPhone 5S / 5 Case Slim Armor S

iPhone 5S / 5 Case Slim Armor S

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Product Review (submitted on April 10, 2014):

My wife would always poke fun at me because I spend so much money on trying different cases for style, protection & funcionality. I have to say this case is THE best i've ever tried! I've been eyeing this case about a year ago but i couldn't find any retail stores that sold them to give it a test drive. So i bought case after case and was never really satisfied.
My first Spigen brand case i ever tried was the Tough Armor and it was awesome! But just i tiny bit too big for my small hands. I showed my friends (who are just as finnicky as me) the tough armor and they went nuts. So we decided to order more stuff from Spigen and decided to try the slim armor s and we went even more nuts! As much as i wish i started with this case i think by going through all the cases i never would appreciate the Slim Srmor S as much as i do now.
That's my story. sorry for the long read lolz.

As for the case, the slim factor is perfect for my hands. the back does scratch easy but better the case than my precious gold iphone getting scratched. The back plate feels like a good combo between slickness and moderate grippage. Volume and sleep/wake button are super tactile. The black TPU Spigen makes is the best quality, it's strong while still pliable.
Im rocking a glas tr screen and is not affected by it whatsoever.

The only change i would make is to have the volume & sleep/wake buttons similar to the Tough Armor button design. Now that would be perfection. As long as it won't compromise the slim factor of course :-)

thanks for reading and thank you again Spigen for making the best quality cases.

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