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Galaxy S4 Case Slim Armor View

Galaxy S4 Case Slim Armor View

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Product Review (submitted on June 28, 2014):

After owning this case for one year and having it accompany me on my day to day life I am happy to say I am extremely satisfied with my purchase.
I would recommend this case to any one who was interested in buying it as the quality and feel of the case is fantastic and it has done a great job protecting my phone from the dangers of the world. Although not a clumsy person my phone has suffered one or two heart stopping drops onto tiles and concrete from standing and the case and phone both came out with not a mark to show for it!

However there is a reason that the quality lost a star and that is one year on from owning this case I do have one or two comments to make. After a few months the "clip" that holds the screen cover to the main body of the case has worn and become loose and has even cracked in half from a year of being open and shut multiple times a day.
I would not however let that discourage you however as no material is invincible and wear and tear after a year of constant use is inevitable.

The bottom line to this review is to buy this case, I am extremely satisfied and I'm sure you will be too.

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