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Galaxy S4 Case Neo Hybrid

Galaxy S4 Case Neo Hybrid

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Product Review (submitted on January 7, 2014):

I am a recent iphone convert, and while I liked my new S4 well enough, I found myself missing my iphone for the first couple of weeks. I found the S4's screen and buttons to be hyper-sensitive, and I was forever taking photos of the insides of my pockets, or inadvertently touching the back or settings buttons. I couldn't quite get used to how to hold this phone without setting off something or other! I was worried about scratches and drops.

I ordered the SPIGEN Neo Hybrid case because it was low-profile, matte finish, had a great price-point, was well-reviewed, and looked pretty slick in the photos. Since receiving it a couple of weeks ago, I must say I am delighted with it! It doesn't add bulk to an already large-ish phone. It slides neatly in and out of pockets without that silicon "grab", like my otterbox used to do. It is sleek and elegant, and the button extenders have made my over-sensitive side buttons a little less 'touchy', while maintaining their neat 'clickiness' and elegant looks. The slight edge offers a good grip on the phone, and it doesn't feel slippery in my hands any more.

I have not had any difficulty with fit for charger or earphones, as others have reported. Perhaps aftermarket chargers fit differently? Mine are all Samsung factory equipment, and they line up perfectly with this case. All of the cutouts seem to line up just right, and in fact I believe the speaker cutout only enhances the volume of the speakers, which I had been finding difficult to hear before the case. The only thing I added was a matte screen protector, to ease my scratch paranoia ;)

Not sure how well this case would hold up to a serious drop impact (I am accustomed to the bullet-proof feeling of a full Otterbox), though I have dropped it a time or two with no ill effect.

A very nice, low-profile case for the money!

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