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Galaxy S4 Case Neo Hybrid

Galaxy S4 Case Neo Hybrid

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Product Review (submitted on June 22, 2013):

Probably the best case on the market for this phone. The shipping to Canada using US mail only took 2 weeks, and came in great condition with all my items inside. I love the look and feel of this case, it honestly make the GS4 feel like a top quality device, removing any cognitive dissonance I've had due to the phone's plastic build. It's certainly an eye-catcher as I've had many compliments on the case from some of family and coworkers. It's also very durable. I've dropped my phone quite a few time and its survived every time unscathed.

I love everything about this case except for one problem. The case does not fit into the $60 docking station I purchased from Samsung at launch. The input simply does not go in far enough into the phone to charge it, so I've lost all functionality of the Samsung dock. To be fair, I don't think any case except the flip cases would fit, so I'm not too sure its a fault of Spigen's design.

I'd definitely buy from this company again in the future.

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