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Galaxy Note 3 Case Neo Hybrid

Galaxy Note 3 Case Neo Hybrid

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Product Review (submitted on March 12, 2014):

I have looked high and low for a case that would protect my Note 3, while still staying reasonably unobtrusive and yet not so thin that it was pointless.

Many cases I'd like were fantastic looking and would be just what I'd want, but would leave the top, bottom and front of phone exposed. So the sides and back would be protected but if I drop the phone on the top or bottom, those sections would become cracked or worse. If I dropped it on its face the screen would crack or shatter. So essentially the case looked cool but if it dropped out of my pocket, I'd be screwed/

Then I came across the Spigen Neo Hybrid and am loving it. It's not encased in a luggage bag like an Otterbox, and it's not in a think band-aid like some of the other "stream-lined" cases out there. It's perfect. It covers all the necessary areas I need and it looks great. I picked up the "Metal Slate" color. It looks blue in the pictures shown on the Spigen site but actually it's more of a grey/black frame. with a pure black backing. Exactly what I was looking for.

Great job spigen. The 2-day shipping from Amazon was right on time too.

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