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Counterfeit Products

"Don't purchase a fake Spigen product. Learn how you can check for authenticity."

Authentic Spigen Products

Spigen is dedicated to bringing you stylish, slim, and quality products to you and your phone. Spigen (Spigen, Inc) is a name that is trusted and recognized in the market for our constant commitment towards our customers. That is why we are taking measures to protect our customers from fraudulent products and sellers that may not be able to offer the very best design, quality, and services that Spigen would want to offer to all our customers. It is in our utmost priority to deliver the best customer service to our customers.

All of our Manufacture warranties and Returns/Exchange policies can only be provided for original purchases from our direct Spigen store. All other purchases made outside will not be able to take advantage of our policies and warranties.

Here at Spigen, we are continually pushing ourselves to deliver the very best protection for your phones, but we are also doing our best to bring you the highest protection that you need. That is why there are a few ways to make sure that your Spigen product is an authentic Spigen product.

We place a unique holographic logo sticker on each of our products, please make sure that the sticker is an original sticker with our logo on it. We also have placed in each of our items a unique 10-character authentic number that can be found inside each of our products. You may go to our website at original.spigen.com to check the authenticity of your product. Again we want to thank all of our valued customers for your continual support and we hope that you will take the time to protect yourself and other from fraudulent products on the market.

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