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iPad 2 & iPad with Retina Screen Protector Steinheil

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iPad 2 & iPad with Retina Screen Protector Steinheil

SKU# iPad-4-4G-lte-Wifi-Screen-Protector-Steinheil-Series


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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We’ve got a new and improved replacement policy for our loyal customers who have purchased a GLAS.t and/or GLAS.tR. We’re offering low cost replacements on glass screen protectors no matter what the reason.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Unhappy with your product? Embarrassing installation fail? Or you’d just rather not tell us? No worries. Within 30 days, just ship the product back out to us and we’ll refund you for the product. No. Questions. Asked.

Product Details

Steinheil Ultra Series Screen Protector

  • Sized to specifically fit the mobile device
  • Easy to install / remove
  • Non-tacky adhesive : Removed easily without leaving residue
  • Premium silicone adhesive : Bubble free application
  • Easily wipes away marks and fingerprints.
  • Anti-UV ray coated
  • No interference with touch-screen responsiveness
  • Base film made in Japan
  • Finished in Korea
  • Designed by SPIGEN SGP in California, USA.

Ultra Crystal : Ultimate Clarity

Ultra Crystal film is a high quality film with a hard surface. It protects the LCD screen from scratches and is crystal clear for absolutely no interference in display clarity.

  • High grade clear hard coated film
  • 25% thicker than previous model
  • No rainbow effect

Ultra Fine : Anti-Fingerprint

Ultra Fine film is a high quality film with a slightly textured film with 30% increased light transmittance. The Ultra Fine is effective in preventing glare, smudges and fingerprints

  • High grade anti-glare hard coated film
  • Premium matte surface
  • Good surface hardness : 3H
  • No rainbow effect

Ultra Optics :  Anti-Fingerprint with Clarity

Ultra Optics film is premium grade screen protector that features a microlens array surface layer. The microlens array on the surface of this matte anti-fingerprint film dramatically increases the light transmittance while offering an excellent, smooth surface texture with smudge resistant property.

  • Optical Microlense Array Matte film : Anti-fingerprint
  • Light transmittance increased by 50% from previous model
  • Premium matte surface
  • Good surface hardness : 2H~3H
Product SKU Chart 
Ultra Crystal [SQ] SGP08853
Ultra Fine [UF] - Discontinued SGP08854
Ultra Optics [UO] - Discontinued SGP08855
Steinheil LCD Screen Protector 1PC
Micro-fiber Fabric 1PC
Spray 1PC
Squeeze 1PC

Q. What are the differences between the Steinheil Ultra Crystal, Ultra Fine, and Ultra Optics Screen Protectors? How about the clarity?

A. All of our screen protectors are Japanese made, enhanced optical hard films. Ultra Crystal is a clear type where it absolutely doesn't affect the screen image quality. Ultra Crystal has glass-like surface coating with the best resistance against scratches. Ultra Fine screen protector is matte type hard film which resists against fingerprints and smudges, but it is less clear compared to other Steinheil screen protectors. Ultra Optics is our newest product which is anti-fingerprint, anti-glare and does not interfere with retina display.

Q. How is the Ultra Optics for the iPad 2 different from the Ultra Optics for The new iPad?

A. The Ultra Optics for The new iPad is updated with a new microlense array layer to provide the best clarity for the retina display of Thew new iPad. The Ultra Optics for the iPad 2 is still compatible with the new iPad, but clarity may be blurred under certain light conditions. For the new iPad users, we highly recommend using the newly improved Ultra Optics for the best anti-fingerprint and anti-glare solution.

Q. What type of applications do these screen protector films use?

A. All our screen protector films utilize “Dry” application. Self adhesive film will attach itself to a screen WITHOUT any solution.

Q. Are these screen protector films reusable?

A. No, since Steinheil screen protectors utilize self adhesive application, removing the films would attract lint and dust, making it unable to be reattached.

Q. How do I remove the films?

A. Tape one corner of the screen protector, then lift it up slowly to remove the screen protector.

Q. Do the Steinheil Screen Protectors leave any residue?

A. No, all of our Steinheil screen protectors utilize a premium silicon adhesive which absolutely does not leave any kind of residue.

Q. Are the Steinheil Screen Protectors compatible with the cases you offer?

A. Yes, all our Steinheil Screen Protectors are compatible with all of our SPIGEN SGP cases that we offer.

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Customer Reviews

iPad 2 & iPad with Retina Screen Protector Steinheil Ultra Crystal SQ Review by Terry

I purchased the Ultra Crystal SQ for my new Ipad with Retina Display after reading reviews for the product and am very pleased with my purchase. I did the install in my bathroom with the shower on, to settle the dust, and it went without a hitch. Not a single speck of dust under the screen protector. When I showed the Ipad to my wife she did not know that I had any thing on the screen. If you have an Ipad with the Retina display and do not want to lose clarity and pay a reasonable price for a screen protector this is the one.

(Posted on 8/2/13)

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Really impressed! Review by Nina

Just received my ultra crystal SQ today. Installation was so easy. The protector looks great, I can't even tell its there! Only downside is that it attracts lots of finger prints so I'm constantly wiping it, but its not a huge deal to me anyways.

(Posted on 4/9/13)

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SGP is the best Review by Tony

It feels very smooth in the hand, kind of remind me the original iPad touch screen; It is also very easy to install. Solid screen protector make the installation process easier than ever, as the iPad has a relatively large screen;

The only concern to some people might be the thickness. However I think it is pretty thin already - don't forget it is made of glass, and it's larger than a smart phone screen protector.

High quality as always, well done Spigen.

(Posted on 4/3/13)

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Good product but somewhat noisy Review by Molotov

Just installed this (ultra optics version) on the new iPad. I'm happy overall with the product but it does make a slight noise when you slide your finger across the screen. Looking forward to future model when that is not an issue anymore but still think is one of the better protectors out there.

(Posted on 2/16/13)

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Bad product. Extremely annoying squeaking with any finger sliding across screen. Review by Njf

Do not buy. Every time you slide your finger across the screen, a horribly annoying squeaking noise results. The faster you slide, the louder and more noticeable the squeaking is. It is still very noticeable even with light sliding of your fingers though. I'm not going to sugarcoat it like some other reviews do, it is so annoying that I took it off after about an hour, and I plan on returning it for a full refund after I finish this review. If the squeaking doesn't annoy someone, I would not believe them. The squeaking is ridiculously annoying and present. Remember, some of these reviews are written by company employees. Trust me, and do not spend $30 on this waste of a product.

(Posted on 12/29/12)

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