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iPhone & iPad Aluminum home button

iPhone & iPad Aluminum home button

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Product Review (submitted on February 19, 2013):

I got the BSP version, I wanted black button on black iPhone, can't go wrong with the classics. It blends in so well with the GLAS.tR, it has that light glistening off metal turn nob effect that iOS actually fakes using the accelerometer with volume nobs, check it out and you'll see. Sits flush and flat, perhaps a little below the GLAS.tR level, so that you don't have a bubbly pop-out button. I never understood wanting to accidentally hit the home button in pants/bag/etc. In the right light, it even looks like glass bubble on level with GLAS.tR, reflecting light around the circular edge.

Summary: Gorgeous, sleek, wish it were cheaper.

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