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Since its launch in 2004, Spigen has earned recognition from publishers in the industry, developing a reputable reputation as a premier designer of mobile accessories. Our venture into the field of screen-protection films was met with acclaim from consumers and publishers alike. This paved a way for us to expand our range of products built upon core foundations of quality and trust. Now in 2015, Spigen has solidified its status as a major designer of innovative accessories for a variety of mobile devices in pursuit of simplifying and accompanying our customers with the little things in life.


Our philosophy on design revolves around three aspects Spigen values as a company: smart, unique, and protective. We seek to supply these qualities for a seamless experience in defending and accessorizing customers’ mobile devices. ¬†Extra time and thought are put into the craft each product, carefully considering every detail that can enhance as well as detract from the user’s experience. Innovative and striking designs and materials are fashioned in an assortment of options for optimal personalization. Our cases also provide superlative protection in smart and unobtrusive ways, safeguarding your investment while keeping up with the trend. Spigen’s minimalistic and sleek style is leaving impressions everywhere and is loved by gadget-savvies around the globe.


At Spigen, we strive to innovate and push the boundaries of design, technology, and availability on all frontiers of the industry. Our products are designed and manufactured with a mindset of maintaining the utmost quality standards. Consumers can expect the highest level of thought and craftsmanship in every Spigen product as it is our aim to provide the finest goods at wallet-friendly prices. Our “Direct to Customer” approach helps curtail production costs pass on those margins to consumers. These endeavors prove essential to all parties involved, being the epitome of our standard to yield products in the most effective and affordable means. Spigen is a trusted name that is recognized in the market for our unconditional commitment towards our customers.

"Minimalistic and sleek style has led Spigen to be the chosen brand for gadget lovers around the world."

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