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Galaxy S4 Screen Protector GLAS.t NANO SLIM Premium Tempered Glass

Galaxy S4 Screen Protector GLAS.t NANO SLIM Premium Tempered Glass

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Product Review (submitted on February 21, 2014):

It's going on 7 months now since I bought this for my S4. I remember thinking at the time that it was a little on the expensive side, but I always had the philosophy that you get what you pay for with protection products.

Seven months on now, and I have yet to regret buying this thing, and knowing what i know now, would do it in a heartbeat without even thinking about the expense.

Installation is a breeze, but do make sure that the screen is ABSOLUTELY spotless and no dust has settled. The suggestion for doing it in the bathroom after a shower is a good one. Aligning it is easy, I used the home button for reference. After it is aligned, just let it down - it seals itself without bubbles.

I actually think that it makes the screen easier to use - must be the oleophobic coating - you fingers slide so easy. Best part of that coating is the the normal 'cheek grease' never builds up. Also, none of those little plastic grooves you get with the stick-on products (like the one that advertises it protects helicopter blades - which i pulled off for this!)

I had the phone on my desk at work, someone tossed a gold Cross pen (not the slim one) over my 6' cubicle wall and it bounced right off the screen, point first. Everyone around just froze, waiting for my scream! Not a mark! (But I am still in possession of a NICE pen!)

I got the hybrid case with it, and since I installed everything, I never worry about the phone. Jeans pockets, coat pockets, tossing it on the desk...just doesn't worry me any more. Just buy it!

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