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iPhone 5S / 5 Case Slim Armor

iPhone 5S / 5 Case Slim Armor

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Product Review (submitted on February 4, 2014):

To give some quick background, I am very picky about the iPhone cases I use. 2 years ago I got my first ever iPhone (4S) and spent many hours researching various cases and tossing up between armor/protectiveness and slimness/lightweightedness - which, let's be honest, are really the two main things people look for in cases, apart from appearance/design.
It was especially important to me to choose an excellent case as I wasn't paying insurance for my phone. For 24 months I tried over 10 cases and my favourite was the OtterBox defender case, which is one of the most well-known and popular 'armor' cases around - however, it is incredibly bulky which can be annoying to carry in your pockets..
2 weeks ago I purchased a new iPhone 5S 64GB which I am not paying insurance on either. Again, I shopped around and considered getting another OtterBox case but really wanted something thin and lightweight - what's the point of getting the lightest, slimmest iPhone but then doubling or tripling the weight/size??
I stumbled upon the Spigen Slim Armor case, and I spent a long time weighing it up between other options, reading reviews, looking at pictures, and so on. In general, I prefer a case that actually has an extra protective element for the screen, such as a clip-on cover like the Defenders, or a thin material that works like a flip phone, which attaches using a small clasp or magnet (I tried both designs in the past and liked them both).
So I was very sceptical about an 'armored' case whose only screen protection seemed to be the normal screen protector, or at best a 'tempered-glass' cover, a term that, although it sounds fancy, doesn't necessarily inspire confidence in me that it would be unbreakable...
I watched a video review and the guy showed that the case has a slight lip which is designed to fit snugly with the glass protector and serves as a barrier, so if the phone is dropped and lands on the face, the lip actually prevents the screen from touching the ground, unless of course there's a big rock that it lands directly on or something.

I ended up purchasing the case - the relatively low price was definitely a factor too - and it arrived yesterday. In a way, I was surprised that there were "so few" bits to arrive - I was waiting for layers of reinforcement and a fairly thick glass protector but everything was actually incredibly SLIM, just as the name implies! :)
Now my phone is sitting well-ensconced in it's beautifully sleek, light, good-looking and (best of all) sturdy/secure case which after much close inspection and even a few tests, I am 100% confident that it will be protected from all major damage for at least 24 months and that I'd literally have to smash it with all my strength from a 3-storey building down into a pit full of spears with razor-sharp adamantium (see Wolverine) heads for the screen to be damaged.
As I said, the design is very stylish and looks amazing (I highly recommend the Metal Slate colour, it complements my Space Grey iPhone perfectly), and the iPhone 5S with this case is literally about as wide and heavy as my iPhone 4S was WITHOUT a case!

Thanks Spigen, I really appreciate the quality and design of your product, and I recommend this to all who want to find that perfect balance between protection and functionality/style. Plus, fast shipping and custom-designed to fit with screen protector (get the glass one, no loss of sensisitivity, etc.), and if anything, the case makes it easier/more responsive when using buttons (e.g. volume) and while the bottom is protected, there is ample space for both the lightning connector and headphone jack ports.

1) I haven't experienced this myself yet, but the only real negative feedback I could consistently see in other user reviews was that the aluminium back (the coloured part e.g. gold, metal slate) is rumoured to scratch easily. Looking at it, it appears that this could easily be true but I can deal with that - better than the back of my phone!
2) I read somewhere that the little "home" button that you can choose to stick on doesn't affect/impair functionality at all and in fact is easier to use. I agree with this BUT I'm disappointed (although I did expect this to happen - I was surprised to hear that this would still work) that the Touch ID (to unlock/restore app purchases) DOES NOT WORK/RESPOND if you stick the button on. I chose to turn my ID off and see how I go, the good news is that you can easily take the button off again, and it really does seem to improve sensitivity, as well as looking great with the rest of the case (depending on what colour you choose to use - I don't recommend pink with slate grey for example). But if you choose not to use it, honestly the phone still looks just as amazing and the button is as easy as always to press, as long as you positioned your screen protector properly :)

Longest review ever - 5 million stars for this product!

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