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Galaxy S4 Case Neo Hybrid

Galaxy S4 Case Neo Hybrid

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Product Review (submitted on January 20, 2014):

The case is good looking, just like Spigen's Slim Armor. Both cases are very good in my opinion, there are similarities and differences. Both have a low profile lip on the front, both are minimalistic yet stylish, they both seem to offer great protection but I have yet to drop it, and I am not willing to do it purposely. That's where the similarities end. The differences now. This Neo Hybrid Case gives the Galaxy S4 an iPhone like body. It's completely flat on the back, and sides. That's not a bad thing or a good thing though, just wanted to point that out. The Neo Hybrid case is slimmer from front to back than the Slim Armor case, but it is slightly taller and wider than the Slim Armor as well. The Neo Hybrid case is harder to take the phone out of it than it is for the Slim Armor. The Neo Hybrid case feels somewhat fragile when you place the phone in and take it out of the case. The Slim Armor on the other hand feels sturdy and is easy to place in and take our of the case. Each case gives the phone a different feel in your hand, both are amazing, it's just preference. I would recommend both cases to anyone, you can't lose on choosing one over the other if you're like me. I like something minimal, none to little bulk added, and eye candy to look at. If you choose both, you will probably switch out cases every couple of days cause you can't make up your mind, some might hate that, some might love that. That's the end of my review, and just like I hope with the Slim Armor series, I hope they make more colors for this case.

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