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Galaxy S4 Case Neo Hybrid Frame

Galaxy S4 Case Neo Hybrid Frame

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Product Review (submitted on January 3, 2014):

I purchased the Spigen Neo Hybrid for my Galaxy S4, mainly because the 'chrome plated' edge of the S4 is terribly fragile, it cracks when you look at it. But thanks to Spigen I now have a case that makes my phone look good again, perhaps even better than the original phone itself. I love the look and feel, the buttons are better than anything else on the market, and the fit is tight. Perfect!

And now they made the bumper/frame separately available, so that's great. I can see myself buying more than one to vary the look of the phone. Hopefully the colors will be back in stock soon (slate and silver are unavailable now).

Wishes would be for a BLACK bumper/frame, as more people have asked for. I'd buy that for sure. A brushed alu look in black should look awesome imo.

One step further would be a milled aluminum bumper. That would obviously be more expensive, but again, I would be interested. A higher price for a real premium design, in looks and feel, would be worth it for me. The high end Samsung phones are technological marvels, but a high end 'box' to house all the techy goodness seems to be a bit of an afterthought, compared to the little iPhone 5S's slick alu & glass housing. One could only dream of a generous, high tech Samsung phone in a quality housing a like that. Or maybe the dream could come a lot closer if Spigen would venture even further into deluxe quality sleeves and cases... (hint) ;-)

Oh, and also for the Galaxy Note 3 please, as that will be my next phone when the S4 migrates to the GF. :-)

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