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iPhone 5S / 5C / 5 Screen Protector GLAS.tR NANO SLIM

iPhone 5S / 5C / 5 Screen Protector GLAS.tR NANO SLIM

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Product Review (submitted on November 25, 2013):

I generally don't write reviews, but when I do, you can tell it is for something really important and impressive. I live in a home where I raise children monkeys, and they literally don't know the word stop. They will throw my phone and try to mess around, but my little monkeys are really curious. We tested the acidic properties of the hydrocarbon molecular structure that gives the screen protector its properties, and deduced that you can apply any type of scratch or pressure while it is on the phone, but cannot pour coffee on it. Not because the screen protector, which is amazing at what it does, but rather the phone itself. So my conclusion is if you have a monkey baby, buy it, otherwise, settle on better things to do with your time then read pointless comments like this one ;)

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