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Galaxy S4 Case Neo Hybrid

Galaxy S4 Case Neo Hybrid

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Product Review (submitted on October 27, 2013):

This truly is an awesome case. (TLDR version...)

I have now had the case for about 2 months and it is by far the best case I have ever had for any cellphone. Ever. It offers adequate protection and it looks unbelievable.

I have the Satin Silver version on a white Galaxy S4 and combined with the included black jellybean button, it makes for one strking phone! It is the first case that has gotten (and continues getting) compliments by other people. Everybody loves it.

I expected it to be quite prone to damage and grime as it looks very discrete and almost too perfect. Two months later, and not a single scratch or dent. This really impressed me.

All my connectors fit fine with the phone (granted, some 3rd party chargers don't, but if you bought the phone, you probably have the orginal charger anyway, so no problem) All my headphones jacks also fit perfectly. The case also does not interfere with any function of the phone. The matte surface makes the phone a pleasure to hold. The external click buttons on the case frame are perfect- they really do feel better than the phone's own buttons.

The case is light, unobtrusive, sturdy (the frame itself looks quite fragile, but if you read the instructions it will hold fine) and most of all, incredibily thin. It fits great in ones pocket and doesn't slide around because of the finish on the TPU case.

If you have an S4, you can probably afford this case and should definitely give it a try. In my opinion it is well worth the money.

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