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Galaxy S4 Case Neo Hybrid

Galaxy S4 Case Neo Hybrid

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Product Review (submitted on October 27, 2013):

I bought this case seeing all those nice reviews and I was pretty happy with it during 2 months. After that I found that isn't the best quality I could get for that price.
The case is very expensive for few plastic and rubber and including the shipping to Europe it's a fortune !!!

The phone looks nice with the case, but it isn't offer a great protection if that's what are you searching. Then, the frame is chipping easily, leaving white color tracks (the real color of the frame is white, any minor scratch makes it visible). After a month or so I've just found that the rubber back is start to lift(warp due to the heat of the phone + heat of the summer. It's not very much visible, but still is annoying enough. There are people complaining that affects the camera visibility, not my case (yet).

After two months, the frame broke near the USB port, there is a very thin frame. I have an external battery and I charge the phone every night, I don't pull it out the frame, but even so, it just broke.

I don't really recommend this case, I rather buy the slim armor

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