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Galaxy S4 Case Neo Hybrid

Galaxy S4 Case Neo Hybrid

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Product Review (submitted on October 22, 2013):

I purchased the Neo-Hybrid White for my black Galaxy S4. Needless to say the case was impressive visually, it really matched with the phone. The gels that came with the case to cover the home button also matched the case quite well and made the phone much easier to use while it was inside of the case. I'll quickly get to the pros and cons so another buyer may quickly judge this review instead of reading it paragraph by paragraph.

- Design is fantastic
- Doesn't add much bulk at all to the phone, the main reason why i purchased it
- Still resilient for four months of constant use
- (white plastic guard) Not as many scrapes/bumps as expected from this case after several drops. Of course it will happen but honestly it just proves how well the case works to protect the phone.

- The TPU on the back of the case is easier to get dirty than expected
- Possibly not on all cases, but my case had residual TPU cutouts on the corners. Probably due to this product not being smoothed down perfectly. Most likely not with other cases
- The plastic guard potentially can break at the headphone jack if forced on to the case incorrectly or through prolonged switching of cases. Mine has not broken, but there is now a crack at the headphone location that will snap if pressure it placed onto it


This case is fine, is it worth thirty dollars? Depends if you want to have something that's different from almost all the other cases out there. I'm a design nut and this case looks and feels great, so it's worth the thirty dollars to me. There are knockoff cases that look very similar to this type, however I would not try to purchase them. Dealing with faux customer service from a sketchy company, as well as receiving a product that offers subpar protection is not worth it for me.

Should you buy it? My recommendation is yes, considering if you have the money of course.

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