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iPhone 5S / 5 Case Neo Hybrid EX Slim Vivid

iPhone 5S / 5 Case Neo Hybrid EX Slim Vivid

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Product Review (submitted on September 30, 2013):

Top-notch. Everything about this product screams quality, starting with the clear hard plastic packaging and authenticity seals. I was pleasantly surprised to see it came with the Ultra crystal screen protector as well as a back protector. I have never used one of these since the first iPhone, but since they were free I thought I'd give them a try. Well, they fit perfectly and are basically invisible. They feel great, too. Wiped phone down with included microfiber cloth and application was straightforward, even repositioning. Everything I needed was included in package. Awesome attention to detail.
The bumper itself is impressively accurately formed, and fits to the phone with no ambiguity. Looks great, feels great. The lip on the face and back is lower than I expected (lower than the one on the bumper Apple makes for 4/4S) so it should not accumulate crud, especially if the screen protector is on.
All in all, I feel like I made the best possible choice. My new 5S is snug as a bug in a rug and should be well-protected for future sell-on :)
Great job Spigen!!

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