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iPhone 5S / 5C / 5 Screen Protector GLAS.tR NANO SLIM

iPhone 5S / 5C / 5 Screen Protector GLAS.tR NANO SLIM

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Product Review (submitted on September 22, 2013):

Been using spigen screen protectors for several iPhone revs. They are top of the line IMO. This newest nano glass is perfection! I've done enough of the now to where I get consistently perfect installation.

This works perfectly I'm my iPhone 5s - fingerprint reader is not inhibited.

Tip: Use the tape method to install!
1) Line up protector on phone.
2) put a piece of tape along about 2/3's of one side (side of phone rolled over onto protector. Make sure it's still lined up.
3) lift the protector up and peel off backing.
4) lay it down. Be sure tension on tape is the same and the protector will lay perfectly where you aligned it.

Of course make sure the screen is perfectly clean!

I keep a can f air available to blow off any new dust and I peel and apply with the phone inverted so nothing new settles on it

This is the third glass protector I've installed and all are perfect.

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