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Galaxy S4 Case Slim Armor View

Galaxy S4 Case Slim Armor View

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Product Review (submitted on September 10, 2013):

This product is amazing. If you don't want the cover on, you can take it off.. It is not hard to install. I saw every other case that is similar to this for the s4, but the #1 deciding factor (other than it was a spigen product) was that it had volume keys on the outside. none of the others had that believe it or not! This case actually stays closed when you close it too. I also like how you can answer the phone without having to open it, you just swipe the screen and put it up to your ear. There are a few annoyances with it however, just like any other product you can't make everyone like it 100%. When taking a photo or video, the cover gets in the way sometimes, and the button on the outside is hard to push. If you do drop your phone, I would HIGHLY SUGGEST a screen protector as it does not stay closed upon impact. Which could in turn break off the cover all together, but that has yet to happen for me. I try to not drop mine although accidents do happen,

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