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Galaxy S4 Screen Protector GLAS.t NANO SLIM Premium Tempered Glass

Galaxy S4 Screen Protector GLAS.t NANO SLIM Premium Tempered Glass

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Product Review (submitted on September 2, 2013):

I bought my GLAS.t NANO about 6 weeks ago, and have waited to leave my review so that I could put it to the test.

Was a breeze. I was nervous about getting it right after reading all the advise and complaints from failed installations - I shouldn't have bothered at all! It installed quickly and easily, a couple tiny air bubbles that were squeegeed out, and none have popped up after 6 weeks of usage.
Notes: I installed immediately on a brand new phone from unopened box. However, I live in a house with 3 dogs and 2 cats, and did not need to use the "shower method"; I just made sure the windows were closed beforehand.

The surface feel is awesome, feels like your finger is "gliding" across the surface; there is almost no friction to speak of. Not a single person who has looked at my phone has been able to tell that there is a screen protector on.

As yet, no "edge lifting" or chipping has occured; I bought a "Slim Armour" about 2 weeks after installation and this fits perfectly, doubling up by covering the edges of the GLAS.t so I expect none to ever occur.

Now here's the most important thing - I keep my phone in my pocket. With keys, coins, etc. And I walk around a lot. The GLAS.t has NOT A SCRATCH on it - it still looks pristine, there is no wear noticable, and believe me, this is impressive. The case itself has already gotten pretty scratched up, but the GLAS.t looks like it was just installed. It does what it advertises!

I am so impressed that I have just bought one for my iPad, despite the cost. I will review that product as well after using for a few weeks.

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