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Galaxy S4 Screen Protector GLAS.tR SLIM Premium Tempered Glass

Galaxy S4 Screen Protector GLAS.tR SLIM Premium Tempered Glass

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Product Review (submitted on June 29, 2013):

I had purchased my GS4 and planned to invest in protecting it right away! I had gone with the Spigen Neo Hybrid Case and I went with the Glas.tr.

I've had the glas.tr on for about a month now and I figure this is the perfect time to provide the review.

First off, for those wondering, the Glas.tr fits PERFECTLY with the Neo Hybrid case. There were not any issues of the case not fitting with the tempered glass on it. I cannot say that this is the same for other cases, but I am sure it is fine for any Spigen case.

The product comes with the glas.tr, a squeegee, alcohol swab, a protector for the back of the phone that's not glass, and 3 jelly buttons (white, black, orange) for extending the home button.

I will provide some tips on installation at the end of the review, but first let's get to how the tempered glass works. When installed, it adds a TINY bit of thickness to the phone and not much at all. In fact, with a case on it, you can't even tell! There is a hole in the glass for the home button, and this is where the jelly buttons come in. You stick it on there and it feels really natural with the phone. I have never had an issue with it!

The glass is perfectly form fitting to the screen. There really should not be any issues with that.

As far as Air Gesture and Air View go, the glass has not affected me in anyway. One video link at the end of this review by Danny Winget says that Air View is affected slightly, but I did not have this problem. All of the GS4 features work fine.

Now onto the pros and cons!


1. This glass seems very tough! I dropped my phone once in a parking garage on cement. My phone landed on the corner with the hybrid case on and the glas.tr as well. Only a very minuscule crack showed on the case and nothing happened to the screen. This is my first Galaxy phone and I know they are renowned for the screen breaking. Whether or not the impact has to be on the screen or not, I don't know. What I do know is that my phone is fine!

2. I've gotten water on the phone and it slides right off!

3. It feels like your touching the actual GS4 screen...it may even make it look better in my opinion. It definitely accentuates the screen. It has the same "slipperiness" and "smoothness" that the GS4 screen has. The phone still detects every subtle finger gesture on the glass. I have had no problems in phone responsiveness with the screen.

4. It's easy to keep clean and it does not attract smudges like your normal screen protector does.

5. If you don't have a case, the rounded edges that the glas.tr provides are really nice! When you rub your finger on the edges of the phone to feel the glass and the phone, you barely notice it. I have read that the glas.t has some chipping issues and this may be due to it not having the rounded edges.

6. It does add a noticeable thickness to the screen, but it's such a small amount that you won't even notice it!


1. The obvious thing...the price. This is a very expensive piece of glass...BUT it is well worth it once installed correctly!

2. Speaking of installation, that can be a major con. You have ONE CHANCE to install this correctly. If not done right the first time, the adhesive properties are all messed up and it won't seal properly the second time. Even Spigen advises not to try it a second time. Instead, they have a replacement program where if you mess up on the installation, you can buy another one 50% off of the regular price at $18. This is still a bit disheartening if you even have to bother about doing this.

Now don't you fret about installation failures because I am here to help! I have done PLENTY of research on phone cases and screen protectors for my phone as well as finding all of the installation videos out there.

Here is another link to a video that I found helpful:

Danny Winget:

Although Danny is wrong about installing it a second time and the Air View not working properly, he still provides some wonderful camera angles into how the product looks and the installation process!

Watch that video and the ones provided here on the product site and you should be fine! Also, here are some more helpful hints into how I installed it:

1. Go into a well lit room with no fierce air circulation around (ceiling fans, air vents, etc.) If you can't find an area, at least turn the fans off. This reduces dust blowing around.

2. Clean off the surface you are working on with a dust rag or whatever you have. We want to eliminate every ounce of dust with the vicinity.

3. Wash your hands! Make sure they are oil and grease free.

4. Open the package and arm yourself with your squeegee, alcohol swab, glas.tr, and your phone.

5. With a soft cloth, rub off any excess smudges already on your phone. After, apply the alcohol swab to the phone and put some on your finger tips so you don't get any prints on the glas.tr.

6. Once all the alcohol has dried off of the phone and you don't see one ounce of dust or finger prints, it's time to install! Take off the STICKY side that goes onto the phone and not the front one! We will remove that one later. Use the home button, the edges of your phone, and the sensor area to line up the glass until you have it perfect and ready to put on.

7. Once you have it lined up, let the glas.tr drop VERY softly onto the phone. The adhesive properties won't happen just yet but you will be able to tell if it is lined up or not. Once you see it's lined up, apply a bit of pressure to it and watch it apply itself (I applied the pressure very slightly to the center/top portion of the screen). Don't interfere with the sealing process! Let it seal completely by itself.

8. Take off the front plastic cover that's on the glass and take the squeegee and squeegee out all of the remaining bubbles. Note that when I installed it in the above manner, I did not have one bubble that I needed to squeegee out.

9. Clean off the top of your glass and enjoy your glas.tr!

If you follow these instructions as well as the wisdom within the video links I have provided, you should have no problem! The last thing I would want for anyone to go through is having to buy another glas.tr as they aren't cheap!

I hope this helps!

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