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Galaxy S4 Case Slim Armor

Galaxy S4 Case Slim Armor

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Product Review (submitted on June 5, 2013):

I had an otter box before this case but This case makes my old case look like cr*p. It's a really nice case and looks very nice. Slim, really nice looking. Thats the pros.
The Cons on the other hand are just two issues i found. Firstly: The "Lip" on the case -Distance around the screen lifted from the counter if placed screen down- Is virtually non-existence. There's hardly a lip. -(And this part might just be a personal issue, but the "Lips" square-ish cutting slightly presses into the ear when talking on the phone). The second Con is... The fitting. I have a s4 from T-mobile and the case can slip OUT of the case with a decent nudge. The fitting isn't as snug as advertised. but it's manageable with just a second to push it back into place.

TL;DR/Overview: REALLY nice case. Looks nice, slick, shiny and smooth. Speakers work perfectly with this case. Besides the no-so-snug fit and lip that's not really there, It's a good case. 4.5/5 Would recommend. :)

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