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iPhone 5S / 5 Case Neo Hybrid EX Slim Metal

iPhone 5S / 5 Case Neo Hybrid EX Slim Metal

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Product Review (submitted on April 11, 2013):

The band is way too loose. Every time you grab the phone it clicks on the sides as it slides into place. Every time you pull the phone out of your pocket, you have to slide the band into its proper place. This is very annoying! WHen I plug in to recharge, I find that I have to adjust the band so the lightning port lines properly. Otherwise, I cannot plug the lightning cable.

After the band constantly slipped in and out, it broke in about a month. SGP was nice to send a band replacement under their warranty coverage as a one time deal, but the new band is as loose as the old one. This band will probably last another month.

I had the iPhone 4 version for close to two years and loved it. My kids also have the iPhone 4 version for over a year. No issues there and perfect fit. Good protection on falls, too. Too bad the iPhone 5 version is not a tight. SGP indicated that they loosen the fit due to complaints on the iPhone 4 version being too tight.

Please let SGP know they went to far in the looseness. The band looks great when it is in place. Looks awful when it slips out.

If anybody knows of a similar rubber and plastic band case, let me know. I am currently looking for a new case since this one will break in short time.

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