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iPhone 5S / 5 Case Slim Armor Color

iPhone 5S / 5 Case Slim Armor Color

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Product Review (submitted on April 5, 2013):

Right off the bat, I'd like to say I bought this case over others because of a couple things. One, it has the same styling as the iPhone 5, which I love. Two, I like that there are individual volume buttons, not one cutout. I was considering the Saturn case and this was the deciding factor. The mute switch is in a fairly deep hole, however I've found it surprisingly easy to use anyway, so that's not an issue. Third, one advantage this has over a large majority of cases for me is the fact that the camera cutout is small enough to stay above the dividing line on the back. Personally, I like that look much better than cases where you can see the divider between the top color and the aluminum back plate. Some people have said it may cause problems in low-light situations when you're using the flash, but I rarely take pictures where that situation holds true.

I purchased the smooth white case, along with the Glas.tR screen protector. One of my favorite things about this case is the jelly bean home buttons it comes with. When you put on the Glas.tR, the button is recessed so I felt like I was pushing my finger through the hole to get to the home button. With the Jelly Bean button being puffy, it's more flush with the top of the glass and makes a huge difference in the feel. I was considering the aluminum home buttons, but none of them matched the white case I wanted.

If I haven't mentioned it, I have the black iPhone. The white Jelly Bean button looks incredible, really tying in with the sides and back of the case. I may purchase other colors eventually, but for now I love the white and may switch out the home buttons if I do so. For now though, I'm extremely happy with it and as my title says, it looks like a brand new custom phone, made just for me. I've been researching cases for WEEKS trying to make a decision and get rid of the horrible rubber generic case I bought with the phone, and I can definitely say I made the right choice 100%!

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