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Google Nexus 7 Premium LCD Protection Film Steinheil Series

Google Nexus 7 Premium LCD Protection Film Steinheil Series

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Product Review (submitted on February 9, 2013):

I laughed my a** of when I was reading "deltaNINER"'s review!
I got this protector this morning. I have only used SGP products in the past (for my SGS2 and SGS3 and they've always been my first choice.
This time around, it turned out SGP was the worst choice for my Nexus 7.
I have been using SGP's Ultra Nano Optics for my SGS3 for 6 months and Ultra Crystal for my SGS2 for about a year and a half and they have been perfect.
Getting it on my Nexus 7 was very very very very.... very tricky! It took me and hour and a lot of effort. I spent 15 minutes cleaning everything around me (the table, my hands, my clothes, the squeegee and everything else you can think of!)
Every time I tried it, there was a ton of dust appearing from nowhere under my film. I used the stickers to remove them every time but they kept coming back.
The film itself was a bit skewed: every time I tried to align the top of the film with the camera hole, the film ended up with some extra parts in the right hand side of my screen. I ended up NOT aligning the camera hole and I finally could get the film aligned in the right way.
My screen is now very very grainy and it is nowhere as clear as my SGS3 with Ultra Nano Optics. I am really disappointed with this product from SGP.
I don't know of any other product but I would stay away from this for my mother's Nexus 7.

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