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Google Nexus 7 Premium LCD Protection Film Steinheil Series

Google Nexus 7 Premium LCD Protection Film Steinheil Series

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Product Review (submitted on January 7, 2013):

First off - I DID get a clean install and it does look and feel nice... BUT

Install was a nightmare! Couple of tips here -

1. Shave all your body hair and anyone else who lives with you
2. Remove all carpeting from you home
3. Shave your pets
4. Line up tequila shots for post install suffering or emotional trauma
5. Apply protector in a vacuum or hermetically sealed lab

Ok seriously - the only problem was dust getting stuck on the "back"
Here's what I did to solve the problem.

1. Set aside enough time to wrangle with it should things go south
2. Don't give up if you get dust on the back... airbubbles
3. Have a roll of packing tape handy
4. Try removing individual dust particles by peeling up the protector and using the packaging tape to remove
5. Here's the one that saved me the cost of purchase and shameful failure... if too much dust is on the backside to remove individually... just peel the whole thing off, take three long strips of packaging tape, lay the tape over the entirety of the backside, flatten the tape, and reapply the sucker like nothing ever happened. The scotch packaging tape removed all the dust particles and it went on clean.

Thats it! Voila! An hour later it looks and feels great! Hope I never have to do that again hahah! Looks great on the nexus.

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